Jo performing his poetry at an open mic in 2020.

Tallawah (adj.): a Jamaican Patois word meaning “strong” or “resilient.” It is said that Jamaica’s unofficial motto is Wi likkle, but wi tallawah. (We are small, but we are mighty.)

Jo (Foderingham) Brown (she/her or he/him) is a writer, student, and all-around nerd from atlanta and living in D.C.

Much of Jo’s poetry is about Blackness, Jamaican heritage, and gender, while his research focuses on how Blackness operates in the US and interracial (specifically, Black/white) relationships and desire. He organizes around disability justice, racial justice, Palestine solidarity, and making social justice movements physically, culturally, and intellectually accessible. He (proudly) spends much of his time on social media.

Jo is a disabled, queer, Afro-Jamaican, gender non-conforming woman. She loves reading, bad TV, music, pit bulls, and public libraries. She is a reformed (not really) pop punk kid and was mildly Tumblr famous in high school.

Jo is working on her first book: a collection of poetry.

Photo credit: Scott Brown

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